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I know how to make pages now,so this is the longer article about Felix the cat.

Righty 'o-Felix the cat

Felix is a black cat with a magic bag.

His rivals are Professor,Rock bottom,The master cylinder,and previously Captain Kidd.

His friends are Point Dexter and Martin the marshin.

His actor who voiced him also voiced Oswald and Mickey mouse.

Felix the cat vs Mickey mouse

Felix the cat is like Mickey mouse,but Mickey mouse is different. Mickey mouse was in Suicide mouse,Felix the cat was never ever in a lost episode. Felix the cat has the same voice actor that voices Mickey mouse.


Felix the cat is a kind cat,and wants to help his friends by fighting his enemies so that his friends will be safe. Felix has a magic bag for many uses(Ex:A ladder so that he can climb a tree to get apples). Felix also thinks a lot when he is in trouble.

What Felix does to his enemies

Felix the cat has enemies like Professor,Rock bottom,The master cylinder,and Captain kidd. Captain kidd stole Felix's goose named Goldie,so Felix the cat threw him down in his ship. Professor wants Felix's Magic bag of tricks,but many things happens to him to make him fail. Rock bottom helps Professor,but he fails too. The master cylinder tries to do evil things but Felix the cat stops him.

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • Felix gained a voice actor in 1936
  • Felix got a magic bag in the episode The magic bag
  • He is not part of the Suicide Mouse video but he is on the wiki of it