Leonard Maltin wanted to find Mickey Mouse shorts to put it on a DVD, and found a very special tape called "Suicide Mouse", a very rare animation. After seeing the disturbing content of the second part, he got disturbed and left the room, and asked an expert to analyze the tape and take notes of the video. After the video, he stumbled out of the room with pale skin saying "Real suffering is not known" seven times before speedily taking the guard's pistol and shooting himself.

According to all the rumors and videos, this is what happens:

    • SUICIDEMOUSE.AVI ,9:04 ,1931, Walt Disney & Ub Iwerks.
    • 0:00 - 0:10 :  The video loads, then Walt Disney presents Suicide Mouse, there is one frame with Mickey’s face with sharp teeth and an evil glare and another with a figure that looks a little like a pindoll.
    • 0:10 - 1:34 : Mickey Mouse is walking past 6 buildings on a sidewalk with debris and streetlights, fences, and trash bins, with a dismal look on his face, his hands folded behind his back, accompanied by piano banging.
    • 1:34 - 2:46 : The music becomes static and white noise, you can barely hear a man saying "Real Suffering is not Known"


    • 2:37 - 4:00 : Mickey mouse is walking in a different position, then he walks backwards ,then the scene fades- away,and Mickey's eyes fall off,then the scene fades again,then the buildings get blurry,then it blacks out for a while. We soon see Mickey's blank face and then a close up of it,then we see the blank face for a several times. When Mickey has his face,we can hear screaming,then the scene fades,and we hear the screaming for 1 second. The music stops and we see a close up of Mickey's blank face, followed by static, and then a black screen appears for a while.


    • 4:00 - 6:05  : A black screen appears.
    • 6:05 - 7:07 : The video cuts back back to Mickey walking. The sound is different this time. It was a murmur. It isn't a language, but more like a gurgled cry. With a tapping sound. As the noise got more indistinguishable and loud, the picture began to get weird. The sidewalk started to crack and go in directions that seemed impossible based on the physics of Mickey's walking, and the dismal face of the mouse was slowly curling into a smirk.


    • 7:07 - 8:00 : The murmur turns into a bloodcurdling scream and the picture was getting more obscure. A loud sound like an electric interference plays, Mickey’s smirk became a huge toothy grin. A deep voice says something in an unknown language. Colors were happening that shouldn't have been possible at the time, and Mickey's face began to fall apart. His eyes rolled on the bottom of his chin like two marbles in a fishbowl, and his curled smile was pointing upward on the left side of his face, his face seemed to melt and his nose droop, later with him taking his arms  out from their folded position, later outstretching them. Faces appeared and looping distortion came before leaving. At this point, Leonard Maltin got disturbed and left the room, sending another employee to analyze the video.
    • 8:00 - 8:23 : The video abruptly cuts to the Mickey Mouse face that would be shown at the start of every cartoon that melts in one frame, and distorts in a few others, accompanied with a broken music box playing in the background.
    • 8:23 - 8:30 : A person appears opening a door.


    • 8:30 - 9:03 : All the houses are restored and Mickey reaches a house and begins to mourn, with blood pouring out of his eyes. Mickey screams, and after 20 seconds, Mickey leaves the house and jumps off the roof, stabbing himself with a syringe , his body lying and bleeding as the screen fades to black, while the devil appears as well as screaming condemned souls with a flash of light and loud screech, unknown to man. The screen goes back to Mickey Mouse, dead, bleeding and pussing, zooming in, before fading entirely to black. This specific scene makes people commit suicide.
    • 9:04 : The final frame is a frame containing Russian text. It roughly translates to "The sights of hell bring its viewers back in".